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Learn the exact tools, methods, and tactics to crowdfund your book


Funded gives authors everything they need to:

  • Navigate the crowdfunding process with confidence
  • Build an audience of excited backers
  • Earn thousands of dollars to get published
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I am shocked at how little information is out there about how to successfully fund and publish your book. In Funded, James gives a detailed account on how he did it. It’s a valuable resource for authors on how to crowdfund a book and accomplish your goals."

Lee Constantine - Head of Growth, Publishizer

Here's What You Get

Exact Campaign Timeline

Study our blueprint that provides the exact steps you need to do and when you need to do them. Don't get overwhelmed by crowdfunding, use our blue print to plan every move with confidence.

The Perfect Pitch Video

The pitch video is the most important asset in any crowdfunding campaign. Learn from our sample script and precise guidelines on how to create a pitch video that turns viewers into backers.

Irresistible Incentives

Successful crowdfunding requires excited backers and excited backers need compelling campaign incentives. We give examples and discuss the psychology of what it takes to create incentives that will help you raise thousands of dollars.

Overcome ZERO Audience

No-name authors need not panic.  We discuss how to grow your audience from the ground up (and for free) to build a passionate and paying group of supporters.

Templates You Can Use

If you've never created an email nurture campaign or don't know how you should post about your project on social media, then look no further. We include templates that you can repurpose and use for your own crowdfunding efforts.

Actual Statistics and Data

Knowledge is power, but real data from authors' crowdfunding campaigns are almost impossible to find. We include all the nitty-gritty details  you need to analyze, improve, and chart your own success.

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